What is MechaniX

MechaniX is a search engine dedicated to help finding jobs and workers to make lives a bit less hectic. We know how difficult to find a right person for your job done with nearby, affordable budget, specific scheduled, technically skills and as well as verified. Within this combination MechaniX tries to provide you the best platform both you and also worker with happy engagement. So if you are already unsatisfied with yesterday, be satisfied from today.

MechaniX is the latest and top platform for linking individual users for looking unusual services or those services users are not capable of doing due to skills and time. In major cities we are very busy with our daily work and it is impossible to do handy jobs at the same working day due to huge traffic and required specific skills. At MechaniX, we provide:

  • Fast and easy way to post a job to seek a worker
  • Look up tons of job
  • Save time and effort on finding a freelancer
  • A hassle free platform and win-win for all
  • No hidden charges, no surprises, no middle man
  • Secure payment procedure for registration.

With our life experience we tried to solve those problem through MechaniX. Here you can join as job owner and look for top-quality and independent service professionals or you can join as a professional and look for job. It is a transparent platform to introduce both parties. MechaniX matches professionals with the easiest and most convenient way.

For Job Posters

  • Find a verified registered worker for your desired work type.
  • You then negotiate with the selected worker for the work and .
  • Pay at your will upon completing the work.
  • No strings attached and start using

For Workers

  • You will find your desired work type and can apply only after registration
  • The better you would work the higher will be on ranking. Why wait? Click away.

Why We Built MechaniX

Case Story: Last year when we were shifting our office at new place, we faced huge hassle to find Transporter (for moving the electronics items), Movers (for moving the furniture), Painter (to paint new office), Electricians (), Stove Mechanic (for replace in Kitchen), Pest Control (for ensure the insect safety), Plumber (works on wash room) and Cleaner (clean after the shifting), interior (who do some interior our office) etc.

We don't not find any platform where we can meet the specific professionals. We will call another to another and took some helps of yellow pages. But we cannot get the meet appropriate solutions. After that we the NexKraft team then plan to make a solution platform where job seekers and workers seekers can meet and get solution and be happy

Why MechaniX

Suppose you purchased refrigerator and AC for your sweet home. After several weeks that refrigerator starts making trouble and you already lost the customer service number. You also don't have enough time to go service shop for servicing and it is also hassle for you. You want to paint your home for your girl's upcoming birthday party and you are looking for a painter and an event manager. It's possible to find individuals through market. But it will take much of your time and professional life as well as energy. Imagine the pain you have to go through!

Your friend asks for someone for his garden maintenance and cleaning. So all these types of jobs need professional individuals. In Dhaka city we are very busy with our daily activities. On besides we do fight with huge traffic. So to save time, money and energy we should and need solution. On the other hand, if you are professionally skilled, it's not possible to find job at individual locations. So you need that people who are looking for you for their job. To realize this problem in our daily life we, the NexKraft limited, provide you a solution.

If you want less hassle your life just post your job details with image on POST JOB. In MechaniX have more than 125++ category of professionals and hundreds of posted jobs. Do you need any Painter, Electritian, Agents, Mechanics, Service Man, Freelancer, Transporter, Event Manager, Movers, Transporter, House Keeper and so on or are you finding Mobile repair, Painter, Plumber, computer servicer, Decorator, car polisher, pest Controller, Driver and so on just explore MechaniX. If you need job, sign up and start applying for jobs.

MechaniX- anytime, anywhere.