Water Tank cleaning service

MechaniX provides deep upper and reserve water tank cleaning service.

The reservoir should then be filled with half the amount of water and a ladder should be lowered inside. According to the disinfection rules of the reservoir, 50 mg of chlorine i.e., 100 mg of bleaching powder should be mixed in every liter of water in the reservoir. Thus, the volume of the whole reservoir should be as much as 100 mg of bleaching powder per cubic meter or 1000 liters of the volume of the reservoir and the required bleaching powder should be given for the whole volume of the reservoir. Best Water tank cleaning in Dhaka here is mechaniX. Water upper and reserve tank cleaning. He added that this bleaching powder should be mixed well with water in a 15-liter bucket at the rate of 2 kg each time. After mixing it for two minutes, the mixture of bleaching powder should be poured into the reservoir with another bucket or bucket. In this way, 2 kg of bleaching powder should be mixed with water and poured into the reservoir at a time. A man must go down the stairs inside the reservoir and sprinkle water with bleaching powder on the inside of the whole reservoir through a hosepipe through a pump and wait for four hours. Then the outlet valve of the water reservoir mixed with the bleaching powder of the reservoir should be opened and thrown out.